End of season

In the world of corporate events, the high season periods have always been april-may-june and september-october-november; whoever knows these circles, knows this fact. After a few tough years for this sector due to the pandemic and the resulting restrictions, these last months have been a true explosion of every kinds of events. We haven´t literally stopped in three months. It seemed July was going to be calm, but we keep on getting requests!, and this fall also looks promising...

And it´s not like in AV Soluciones we have more work than the rest of partners and peers, because no matter who you ask (suppliers, clients, agencies, collaborators, freelances...), they´ll answer something quite similar: "this year is being crazy, everyone wants to make events at the same time, I´m really looking forward to stop this summer..." And what we think everyone is wondering now and is floating in the air is: Is this a bubble because of the lack of in-person events in the last few years? how long can this hectic pace of work continue?

We´ll have to wait till next year in order to be able to answer these questions, but something tell us that, at least this fall, it doesn´t feel like its going to slow down at all´... so we´ll fasten our belts and enjoy the trip!

But of course, that will be after a well deserved summer break!